Welcome to EQUITRAIL TRAVELS Pvt. Ltd.

These Terms-Conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of EQUITRAIL TRAVELS Pvt. Ltd. website, located at ghumakadtravel.com

  • Ghumakad Travel and it's organizers strictly prohibit the utilization of any Narcotics and Banned Substances during the tours and would not be responsible for any adversities due to the same.
  • Weapon, Fireworks and toxic substances are not allowed at this tour Management would not be responsible for any person who has been found guilty under the Indian Law.
  • The organizers reserve the rights to evict any camper anytime without any refund if his/her actions violates any camp rules or incase of any misbehavior with other co- travelers.
  • Ghumakad Travel is not responsible for your whereabouts or safety if you are outside the camping premises.
  • Any Loss to the camping materials such as tents, pillows, mattress or any property belonging to the campsite will is subject to full payment of Product MRP. Ghumakad Travel won’t be responsible for any loss or damage of Goods belonging to the travelers.
  • All guests must carry a Govt issued Valid ID Card.
  • Only campers staying with Ghumakad Travel will be allowed in the campsite and if you intend to bring guests from outside, you’ll have to Pre notify us.
  • Availability of hot water is not promised.
  • Slots at campsite will be confirmed only after receipt of full payment.
  • Management accepts no responsibility for injuries or the loss/theft of any personal property during the tour
  • In case of any breakdown or in delay due to the breakdown of the transport in the way, you would have to wait until the transport gets repaired. No backup transport would be provided.
  • Ghumakad Travel is not responsible for any delays or alterations in the program or indirectly incurred expenses in cases such as natural hazards, accidents, weather conditions, landslides, political closure or any untoward incident.
  • Trip organizer/coordinator has complete right to change the itinerary as per on the spot condition.
  • Please cooperate with us in keeping the environment clean and safe Registrations/Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded Enjoy the trip, respect others and have a memorable experience.